Aluminum Tilting Window (Golpete) 500×600 1h. matte glass



Profiling: Cold series with European channel, a joint on the blade and a central one.
Closing: One point pressure on the frame (open / closed).
Security: A pressure point in the upper central part.
Regulation: In pressure, hinges and opening angle.
Corners: High quality aluminum joints.
Glass: enhanced glass with 2 layers of foat and 8mm chamber. Carglass matte glass.
Accessory regulation: The hardware system allows a pressure regulation, and a horizontal displacement in the hinges. It also has a side bar that limits the opening, leaving the window open 30 degrees. This limitation can be modified at will by means of a simple operation, being able to adjust the opening to any degree. It is also possible to unlock the limit to carry out cleaning work, being able to open the window 180º.

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East Aluminum Tilting Window (Golpete) 500x600 1h. matte glass it can be yours just for 125.00€!
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